Shake Your Singapore Mindset When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Most couples in Singapore have this mindset that they need to get the cheapest and best deals for everything. Keep the second part with you, but lose the first part. Your wedding is once in a life time event – do you really want bad memories about it because you or your spouse was a cheapo for one day in your entire lives? Always opt for great promotions – but NEVER at the expense of quality.

Here are some tips to ensure that you will always end up with the best photographer you can find in Singapore! Here’s how I ended up picking Grandeur Wedding Studio as my favorite wedding photography studio in Singapore. You can contact them here.

– First and foremost, always make sure to look at their photographs. Wedding photography studios and wedding photographers will definitely list their portfolio and images online. This allows you to check out the photographs very easily. Never ever trust word of mouth without proof. Proof is the only thing you need.

– Go for your preferences, and not awards. Awards are like the fanciful and yet useless qualifications on a resume. Portfolio quality is like the experience that the photographer actually has and is capable of producing.

– Third of all, check out for reviews online. With Yelp, Google review, Facebook, there are so many places where you can find out reviews for a particular wedding photography studio or wedding photographer in Singapore. Always check out these reviews as most of them are independent and are genuine reviews by ex customers.

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