Why Choose Singapore As Prewedding Photoshoot Destination

Of course, there are lots of beautiful places all around the world which are worthy of you having your photoshoot. However, out of the entire Asia, I have to say that Singapore offers some of the most exciting and beautiful backdrops (if you know where to look) for your pre wedding photography sessions.

If you watch the video below, you will realize some beautiful locations within Singapore like botanic gardens, Fullerton Hotel, Helix bridge e.t.c. all within Singapore’s central area. All these provide great backdrops for your wedding photography.

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Best Wedding Photography Locations In Singapore

If you have not been actively researching on this, you may not know where the really good wedding photography locations are in Singapore. This is because there are actually many hidden places such as Punggol Lallang Fields, Upper Seletar Reservoir and such beautiful places and locations for wedding photoshoots in Singapore which may not be easily accessible to the general public without a car, hence it’s not very often recommended by people online. Such places are even less often being seen in your friend’s wedding photographs on Facebook because few people have cars and drive to these areas to have their pre-wedding photos taken.

Anyway, the following are some of the best and more popular spots in Singapore that you can consider going for your wedding photography.

Firstly, as mentioned above, make sure to go to Upper Seletar Reservoir for your wedding photography. One of the most magical looking locations in Singapore you can ever find for your wedding photography, Upper Seletar Reservoir has a very secluded and magical feeling to it. Just look at the following photograph! The couple and that backdrop is just absolutely phenomenal. Just keep in mind that the wedding gown may get wet or slightly dirty at the bottom ends if you were to go to such outdoor places, hence just take note of that before returning it to the gown rental company.

upper seletar wedding photograph

Second of all, try Punggol Lallang fields. A beautiful location for wedding photoshoots in Singapore, Punggol Lallang fields is a great spot for couples who want to look as though they’re the only people in an endless field. Although it is also not convenient to get to, with Uber these days, it’s so easy to go to and fro from all these locations in Singapore.

Third of all, Pulau Ubin. I know, some of you may be widening your eyes in your eye sockets right now and staring at a virtual me. Yes! You read me right! Pulau Ubin. Although most wedding photographers would probably charge you extra to get to the island, it’s a gorgeous location and a unique one in Singapore for your wedding photo. With tons of nature, flora and some fauna in the area, it’s a great place for you and your spouse if you love the outdoors. (Make sure to check with your photographer if they’re willing to go there, not everyone is.)

There you go, three awesome places in Singapore for your wedding photos. If you need an outdoor wedding photoshoot, check out www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/, they offer very great packages for young couples looking to take their photoshoot in Singapore.