5 Reasons Singapore Is Better For Wedding Photos Than Malaysia

If you’re intending to fly to South East Asia for a pre-wedding photography or perhaps even your actual day wedding event, you must have considered Malaysia and Singapore. However, I urge you to re-consider if you want to go to Malaysia for your wedding, and will urge you to have your actual wedding as well as pre-wedding photoshoot (if any) in Singapore. Here are the reasons why Singapore local wedding photography can be so attractive for brides and couples.

First of all, you get to see many of the things (backdrops) in Singapore that you think you can find in Malaysia, without the need to travel for hours to each location. Although Singapore is more known to be a financial heaven, it’s much more than that. It’s a gorgeous and small place (perhaps not so good for living, but absolutely gorgeous for wedding photography). This is because you can travel from one photoshoot location to another in Singapore within 30 minutes (most of the times). This is going to allow you to have the luxury of being able to travel to many more different photoshoot locations for your wedding photography.

Second of all, Singapore is definitely more ‘safe’ than Malaysia. Not that there isn’t any violent crime in Singapore, but the occurrences of that or perhaps even just theft is significantly lower if you were to compare the two countries. This means that you and your spouse can focus on having your wedding photos shot rather than worrying about your wallets being placed on the floor or at a certain location while both you and your spouse are posing for the photographer’s camera.

Third of all, there is a lot of good wedding photographers in Singapore, all focused on one spot (because Singapore is so tiny, that all photographers and wedding photography studios in Singapore can provide you with their services, whereas good photographers in Malaysia may happen to all be in another state!)

Fourth of all, if you’re coming to Singapore just for a wedding photoshoot or the actual day wedding, it is easy to arrange any logistics that you may need. This is because the furthest bridal gown boutique you can rent from in Singapore is only 20-30 kilometers away from your wedding photoshoot location, which makes it really convenient versus 200-300 kilometers if you had yours taken in Malaysia instead.

Finally, and fifth of all,

I know many couples want the most economical yet the highest quality wedding photographer in Singapore. Here’s a studio in Singapore, which I certainly believe to the bottom of my heart as being the best wedding photography company in Singapore after researching all the various wedding studios in Singapore.

Singapore Wedding Photography Studios Review

Here is my honest review of some of the more famous wedding photography studios in Singapore.

1 – Bloc Memoire Photography

Guan is the main photographer at Bloc Memoire. A photography studio focused on being artsy in the artisan sense, what makes them special is that Bloc Memoire provides your wedding photographs printed out in 4R (at least when I last checked) and they provided them in this cute little hand made box with confetti as well as a thumbdrive encased in wood. That’s pretty unique, and I have to give them a hands up for this creative way of providing their end product for their customers.

2 – Grandeur Wedding Studio

Alvin is the founder at Grandeur Wedding Studio (GWS). With lots of experience managing wedding photographers, Alvin only hires highly experienced wedding photographers in his studio – in terms of customer service quality as well as wedding images portfolio quality! Grandeur Wedding Studio’s prices are pretty reasonable as well, and if I were to sum up your potential experience at GWS, it will be exceptional customer experience and wedding photo quality at attractive rates.

3 – Pixioo

Headed by main wedding photographer Samuel, Pixioo is a wedding photography firm in Singapore, for couples who wish to have their photoshoot in Singapore. Although he does pre-wedding photoshoots as well, Samuel’s real specialty is actually in actual day weddings.


I’m a little hesitant about putting NATSTUDIOS into this list, not because they are bad, but because their specialty is in overseas (outside of Singapore) wedding photography. However, if you’re looking for a Singapore photographer or a team of photographers who are willing to accompany you and your spouse to another country for a ‘destination wedding photoshoot’, then NATSTUDIOS is a often used studio.

If you want to, you can also check out the

Shake Your Singapore Mindset When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Most couples in Singapore have this mindset that they need to get the cheapest and best deals for everything. Keep the second part with you, but lose the first part. Your wedding is once in a life time event – do you really want bad memories about it because you or your spouse was a cheapo for one day in your entire lives? Always opt for great promotions – but NEVER at the expense of quality.

Here are some tips to ensure that you will always end up with the best photographer you can find in Singapore! Here’s how I ended up picking Grandeur Wedding Studio as my favorite wedding photography studio in Singapore. You can contact them here.

– First and foremost, always make sure to look at their photographs. Wedding photography studios and wedding photographers will definitely list their portfolio and images online. This allows you to check out the photographs very easily. Never ever trust word of mouth without proof. Proof is the only thing you need.

– Go for your preferences, and not awards. Awards are like the fanciful and yet useless qualifications on a resume. Portfolio quality is like the experience that the photographer actually has and is capable of producing.

– Third of all, check out for reviews online. With Yelp, Google review, Facebook, there are so many places where you can find out reviews for a particular wedding photography studio or wedding photographer in Singapore. Always check out these reviews as most of them are independent and are genuine reviews by ex customers.